A gentle awakening

It's been a quiet, non creative time these past weeks.


No paintings were made, no journal illustrations, and yet - I can feel things percolating. After the completion of my website, it's like I slowly ran out of gas with each day and eventually ground to a halt. Which is where I am now. I'm told this is a normal part of the process of completing something big. My heart and mind were so focused on getting this done, and once it WAS done, I felt a bit lost at sea.


And so, as I wait for the urge to create again, I've taken countless walks in nature and with Fluffy, cared for my dad, read good books, wrote some words, made comfort meals, and listened to good music. Self care is so important when things feel a little off for one reason or another.


There's so much going on in the world today, I believe self care is more important than ever. Otherwise, we'd all be walking around like zombies. Some of us actually do. There always was something going on in the world, but the difference now is that we know about it instantly - thanks to social media. I don't think the heart and mind can handle such a tsunami of emotions on a daily basis.


There are many human hearts out there who are overdosing on negative news and feelings of helplessness. Here are a few questions that helped me after I found myself running down the rabbit hole of fear and anger and frustration:

- Do I need to know everything happening the instant it happens?

- Can I be of service to anyone if I'm in panic mode all the time?

- Are there ways to express the fear and frustration thru art or writing?
(hint: yes)

- Can I help a person or group somehow to ease the feeling of helplessness?

- Does going on Twitter (or Facebook, or Instagram, etc.) first thing in the morning help make my day any better? (hint: no) 

- Do I want my life to be filled with more fear, or with more love? (hint: you know the answer) ;)


Artists tend to be overly sensitive to the world around them. And by "world around them", I mean WORLD around them. Not just immediate family. Not just the neighbour. We go all out. The whole fucking WORLD. So naturally, it's so important that we take care of ourselves during the dark days.

We have far more power than we think.

YOU decide how you begin your day. YOU decide who to let into your life, and who to leave out. YOU decide how to fill your well. No one else can tell you that. YOU know what inspires you, or makes you happy, or makes you want to get up in the morning.

Do that.

As often as you can.

And never forget that there is always hope.